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School Culture SEL School Climate
Jul 12. 2021

Three Ways SEL Supports a Positive Culture and Climate

We have written a series of blogs that focused on ways to integrate social and emotional learning into a myriad of common district and ...

author: Shawna Jensen

Communication SEL
Jul 06. 2021

Long-term Sustainability: SEL Practices

By now, your district probably has adopted an approach for Social and Emotional Learning. Whether it’s a curriculum framework, an outside ...

author: Scarlett Tannetta

Lesson Plans SEL
Jun 29. 2021

Two Approaches to Coaching Staff around SEL Practices

As district and school buildings strive to meet goals, professional development and learning tends to be a common approach to closing the gap ...

author: Shawna Jensen

Academic Year Planning Interventions
Jun 22. 2021

Planning and Organizing Students for Targeted Intervention

Creating a functioning schedule for schools that serves all staff and students is not an easy task. I can recall ...

author: Scarlett Tannetta

SEL Discussions School Leadership
Jun 15. 2021

Integrating SEL Discussions into 3 Common Structures

All districts know one thing: schools are only as strong as their staff. This is and was increasingly important in 2021. Given the impact of the ...

author: Shawna Jensen

Jun 08. 2021

Incorporating SEL into your MTSS/RTI Structures

Planning to incorporate SEL into your district in a meaningful way is easier said than done. In order to make progress with SEL, a clear plan, ...

author: Scarlett Tannetta

Academic Year Covid-19 Reflection
Jun 02. 2021

Reflecting on the Collective Leadership within School Systems during COVID-19

As we close out our series on reflection, it feels important to reflect on the collective strengths of school communities. Over the last year, ...

author: Shawna Jensen

SEL Reflection
May 25. 2021

Wisdom Gained Over the Last School Year

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to an end, most leaders and educators are happily turning the page on this challenging chapter of their ...

author: Scarlett Tannetta

SEL Interventions SEL Assessment
May 20. 2021

Measure the Impact of Your SEL Programming

author: Dr. Byron McClure

CASEL Reflection
May 12. 2021

3 Ways Reflection Helps with Challenging Experiences

Reflection is a critical piece of developing CASEL’s five core competencies. Reflection often leads to personalization and supports a growth ...

author: Shawna Jensen