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SEL Student Voice
Oct 19. 2020

Student voice: our answer?

Yesterday I had a conversation with a seven year old student to gain her views about all things school and life related. This started with ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Staff Engagement Recognition Appreciation
Oct 16. 2020

Driving Employee Engagement with Appreciation and Recognition Programs

Without a doubt, human capital is the most important asset of any school district. The vast majority of the budget is spent on employee ...

Author: Dr. Jeff Klein

Feedback School Culture Continuous Improvement
Oct 14. 2020

The benefits of a continuous feedback culture

Many school districts will take annual climate surveys or use tools to assess their school culture and climate on an ad hoc basis, but these ...

Author: Navina Cheema

teaching School Equity
Oct 12. 2020

Equity in the classroom: That's not fair!

As an educator how many times have you heard ‘it’s not fair/that’s not fair’ in your classroom.  A student complaining that it feels like ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

communication Distance Learning Hybrid Learning
Oct 08. 2020

Pulse's Bi-weekly Article Round-up

Our regular article round-up provides school leaders with a useful overview of recent news and research based on the important issues you are ...

Author: Navina Cheema

School Culture School Climate Continuous Improvement
Oct 07. 2020

Make your culture and climate data count and deliver feedback driven improvements

School culture and climate data has powerful potential for school improvement. Unfortunately, like most data, culture and climate data is often ...

Author: Dr. Jeff Klein

Student Engagement Covid-19
Oct 06. 2020

School life with COVID-19: A piece of paper and time

This week has been tough, about a third of the staff were out ill, some of these were virus related. I had recess duty in the yard with third ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Education Equity
Oct 04. 2020

Create Equitable Educational Environments Through Positive Relationships

Creating equity in education is one of the most important and challenging goals for school leaders.  Significant gaps in access and ...

Author: Dr. Jeff Klein

Feedback Events engage Discussions
Oct 02. 2020

Pulse at recent events

Pulse at the ERDI Virtual Fall Institute ERDI hosted their first ever Virtual Institute on September 14-17 ...

Author: Navina Cheema

Mental Health Covid-19 Staff Wellbeing
Sep 30. 2020

School life with COVID-19: Beyond tired

So school has only been back with children for twelve days and I am so tired. I work in school three days a week, here at Satchel one day a ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford