Time to relax

This year has been one of the most exhausting for teachers as we have had to morph into tech wizards and deliver our classes online or more recently at a distance without anybody thinking what a revolution in education this has been. This revolution has been a quiet one built on the need to keep education alive for our students and keep some normality to their lives. As educators this is what we do everyday in many different ways whether we are in a global pandemic or not, there just seems to be more technology involved in this revolution!

But it’s the holidays and it’s time to leave the online classes and school to one side and stop. As we all know when educators stop at the holidays they tend to get sick, but perhaps this year if you’ve been doing everything virtually at least your exposure to all those student germs is non existent. If you have been back in school, yes you might have the driest hands possible, but the students’ germs have been at a distance. Is this likely to mean you are less likely to get sick, sorry to say probably not. However your students are learning your teaching life has been going at a million miles an hour for the majority of the year. So the sentiment “and now relax...” is exactly what we need to do to keep those sick germs away.


My hope is that you find something that helps you stop, relax and take time for yourself.


What are you going to do to relax this holiday period? I have in mind that I am going to spend some time constructing my Lego owl that I was given for my birthday back in July. We will also be instigating virtual Christmas calls with family, as asked by my Dad yesterday. I am sure that will be left for me to organise that, but don’t worry I am a wiz at that sort of thing now! My hope is that you find something that helps you stop, relax and take time for yourself. In education there is always something else that needs attention, something that needs developing, but at the end of this year the most important thing that needs attention is your well-being and it’s vital that you make sure this is part of your holiday plans.

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