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Student Wellbeing
Nov 23. 2021

Thankfulness everyday

So it’s that time of year again when we all sit with family and friends and talk about being thankful for different things. Should it just be once a year with only family or ...

author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Student Wellbeing Involvement and Engagement
Nov 16. 2021

How to improve the emotional side of health and wellbeing

Student wellbeing and engagement have a reciprocal relationship. Each influences the other such that more engagement leads to improvements in wellbeing, and improved wellbeing ...

Author: Dr. Jeff Klein & Navina Cheema

Student Wellbeing
Nov 25. 2020

Thankful for the little things

I could ask a popular question during this time of year, “What are you thankful for?” If you ask me this I would talk about health, family, having enough, surviving COVID-19 so ...

author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Student Wellbeing
Feb 11. 2020

How physical activity can help with studying

The way in which taking part in sports and physical activities can keep you focused in school. Kids nowadays have a lot of excuses to spend time indoors rather than playing ...

Author: Nabeelah Bulpitt