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May 25. 2021

Wisdom gained over the last school year

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to an end, most leaders and educators are happily turning the page on this challenging chapter of their lives. The hope to “return to normal” ...

author: Scarlett Tannetta

SEL SEL Assessment
May 20. 2021

Guest Post: Measure the impact of your SEL programming

Guest post by: Dr. Byron ...

author: Dr. Byron McClure

May 05. 2021

Four ways to strengthen your social awareness

Throughout this 5 part blog series, we have talked about how complex being a district leader is, and why keeping the CASEL framework for SEL in the forefront of your leadership ...

author: Scarlett Tannetta & Shawna Jensen

School Community SEL
Apr 27. 2021

Four actions that nurture positive relationships

There are many approaches to leadership. Leadership is an art in that leaders must constantly approach a variety of scenarios applying a myriad of leadership techniques. This ...

author: Scarlett Tannetta & Shawna Jensen

Apr 20. 2021

Five steps toward responsible decision making

Responsible decision-making is a topic that is always on the minds of district leaders. The last year has created even more complex scenarios where district leaders have had to ...

author: Scarlett Tannetta & Shawna Jensen

Apr 13. 2021

Seven ways to improve self management

District leaders are often tasked with navigating complex situations. With whole school systems relying on one person, it is important for leaders to manage their emotions, ...

author: Scarlett Tannetta & Shawna Jensen

Apr 06. 2021

3 Ways to Strengthen Self-Awareness

The CASEL framework is regarded as a well respected framework for Social Emotional Learning. Over the next several weeks, we are going to feature a series that focuses on ...

author: Scarlett Tannetta & Shawna Jensen

Mar 26. 2021

Integrating SEL into MTSS to support the whole child

As a result of the current pandemic, many discussions in the educational field shift to how we support learners’ social-emotional needs manifested by stressors inside and ...

author: Shawna Jensen

Distance Learning SEL
Jan 12. 2021

Social Emotional Learning during a pandemic

This week, I spent a lot of my Tuesday working with a new student. I had worked extensively with her when she was five and six but it was her birthday on Monday, so now seven ...

author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Teacher Wellbeing SEL
Jan 11. 2021

The impact of SEL on teachers’ well-being

The Wallace Foundation along with the RAND corporation conducted a teacher survey in Spring 2019 into the area of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and teachers’ well-being. ...

author: Nicola Jones-Ford