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Feedback Involvement and Engagement
Jun 20. 2022

How to respond to different types of feedback from your school community

We talk a lot here in the Satchel Pulse blog about the importance of feedback from ...

author: Fern Dinsdale

Student Wellbeing Involvement and Engagement
Nov 16. 2021

How to improve the emotional side of health and wellbeing

Student wellbeing and engagement have a reciprocal relationship. Each influences the other such that more engagement leads to improvements in wellbeing, and improved wellbeing ...

Author: Dr. Jeff Klein & Navina Cheema

SEL Involvement and Engagement
Sep 28. 2021

3 powerful staff engagement strategies to launch systemic SEL

Few can argue that Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is having a moment in education, and rightly so. Even before the

author: Faith Smith

Involvement and Engagement
Oct 16. 2020

How to drive employee engagement with recognition programs

Without a doubt, human capital is the most important asset of any school district. The vast majority of the budget is spent on employee compensation. Thus, it is critical that ...

Author: Dr. Jeff Klein

Covid-19 Involvement and Engagement
Oct 06. 2020

School life with COVID-19: A piece of paper and time

This week has been tough, about a third of the staff were out ill, some of these were virus related. I had recess duty in the yard with third grade, I thought this would be ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Students Involvement and Engagement
Aug 20. 2020

Build positive relationships with new students virtually

With schools starting to go back, some in a blended learning style and some only virtually, getting off to the right start with building positive relationships will be even ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Distance Learning Involvement and Engagement
Apr 02. 2020

How to support your children during lockdown

With schools closing and workers being instructed to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be challenging to keep your children happy and healthy at home. You ...

Author: Navina Cheema

Distance Learning Involvement and Engagement
Mar 20. 2020

Five tips to move classes online quickly

Due to a number of reasons, such as a pandemic or severe weather conditions, schools and districts may have to close. This may leave students, staff and parents worried about ...

Author: Navina Cheema

Involvement and Engagement
Feb 13. 2020

Our top three tips for engaging parents

When thinking of parental engagement in a child’s school life‭, ‬thoughts of Parent-Teacher Conference and phone calls home may spring to mind‭. ‬Sometimes we have parents ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Students Involvement and Engagement
Feb 11. 2020

Five key study habits for students

Good study habits are important for being a successful learner‭. ‬They help with motivation‭, ‬focus‭, ‬organization‭, ‬time management‭ ‬and retention‭. ‬Just like learning ...

Author: Bethany Spencer