Satchel Pulse's Fifth Article Round-up

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The Teaching That Works for Traumatized Students

Pulse Research Round up - 14

Negative childhood experiences can have a lasting impact on a child’s ability to learn. A classroom in Oklahoma is designed to help using The ATLAS program, or the Alternative Therapeutic Learning Academic Setting. Based on research, and in partnership with a local mental-health center, ATLAS helps kids who have experienced early trauma or dysfunction learn to process and manage emotions so they can return to a typical classroom.

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Parents and Students Worried about Readiness for School and Work

Pulse Research Round up - 13

"Busy work" was the way most students and parents might classify K-12 instruction last spring, during the first spate of remote education. In a survey most students (80 percent) said they had more work to do at least some days in their remote settings than they had in their traditional classrooms. Teachers also reported feeling "disconnected." Most also said they felt cut off from the workplace and their fellow educators.

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How Gratitude Can Help With Students’ Anxiety

Pulse Research Round up - 15

Often overlooked, gratitude may be a powerful way to boost high schoolers' well-being. A new study found that when high schoolers are taught about gratitude and given opportunities to practice it, they show improved mental health and wellness. Based on these findings, the authors argue that incorporating gratitude can be a relatively easy, low-cost strategy to help students thrive.

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