Satchel Pulse's Fourth Article Round-up

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The ‘Enrichment Gap’ Is Widening 


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there’s been a lot of discussion about digital equity in U.S. public schools. But the virus has drastically expanded another gap that is key to children’s learning and wellbeing: out-of-school enrichment. Approximately 70 percent of afterschool care and enrichment providers—most operating through schools—shuttered due to the pandemic, and most summer camps were cancelled.

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Now's The Time To Make Social Emotional Learning A National Priority

US Pulse - Research Email 4

As we navigate the pandemic’s fallout among our children, we need more than ever to make Social Emotional Learning (SEL) a cornerstone of America’s education system. SEL is a proven approach to teaching students how to identify and process emotions, build relationships, work in groups and resolve conflicts. They role-play, learn peer mediation skills and how to set personal goals — all of which help foster resilience.

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How Schools Are Meeting Social-Emotional Needs During the Pandemic

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A report showing that though the pandemic has complicated how schools address students’ social-emotional needs, some have adapted their models to provide for them in a remote or hybrid setting. Their willingness to innovate can help other schools explore and implement similar practices. This article shows the four key findings—along with questions for school and system leaders to consider.

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