Satchel Pulse's Third Article Round-up

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3 COVID-19 education trends set to persist post-pandemic


When the pandemic is over, there will be COVID-19 related practices many school administrators will happily see vanish and never return, such as mask wearing and social distancing. But there are some new or refined activities that while forced upon the education world due to COVID-19, should have staying power because they have the potential to improve student outcomes and school operations for the long term.

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Young people are powerful forces for change. We should listen to them


While young people today are separated by distance, cultures and a global pandemic, a growing community of youth is united by a common cause: they see profound possibilities to make a difference in the world and they make a choice to do something about it with confidence, courage and conviction. Collectively, this generation has the power to make significant change for the better. 

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How teachers can help students with special needs navigate distance learning


Distance learning is challenging for many learners, but can be even more challenging for students with learning, attention, or social-emotional needs. As educators and parents, we are tasked with an unprecedented challenge: Figuring out how to reach and teach diverse learners online. It’s not easy. But it’s critical for so many of our students.

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