Satchel Pulse's Second Article Round-up

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Communicating Through Change


Through the unsettled ending of the last school year, to the unprecedented beginning of this one, school communities continue to exist in a state of flux. Some districts are using fully remote learning models to start, some are opting for hybrid models, while others are implementing new safety protocols to begin in-person learning. All are working through a new way of doing school, and all plans are subject to changing local situations.

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IEP Changes To Special-Ed Services

2nd articleTo help all students with disabilities, schools are looking at the most important document in special education and a requirement under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)  a student’s individualized education program (IEP). These documents are being scrutinized, altered or expanded in order to reflect pandemic realities of how best to replicate in-person services to full or hybrid virtual learning approaches.

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Teaching in-person and virtual students at once?

Kids in classroom studying, photographed from behind

Teachers who are juggling in-person and virtual students simultaneously say their quality of instruction is lower than it normally would be, as they try to keep themselves in front of cameras, keep the in-person students from feeling frustrated, and keep moving through their actual lessons. The result is they’re struggling to reach the students who need their attention most.

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