Satchel Pulse at recent events

Pulse at the ERDI Virtual Fall Institute

ERDI hosted their first ever Virtual Institute on September 14-17 with over 115 education leaders and 30 solution providers including Satchel Pulse. Our team members, Joe (VP of District Partnerships), Jon (President District Partnerships) and Jeff (Director of School Experience) attended this virtual event.

Our team met with a total of 10 superintendents, this was a great opportunity to meaningfully engage and solve the problems of practice facing schools and districts. One of the issues mentioned within these discussions related to school culture and climate. This was invaluable for us to hear district leaders’ thoughts and opinions on this topic. Knowing exactly what district leaders need and their pain points allows us to develop and show how we can help with our culture and climate product. Other topics were highlighted such as the importance of social and emotional learning, and student progress and growth. Our team also had the chance to talk about how our current partners have benefited from implementing Pulse in their districts and their experiences.

Overall, the ERDI virtual event allowed us to gain access to district leaders' expertise, research and analysis that will help to shape our products.

Pulse at the RTM 2020 National Virtual Superintendents Forum

The National Superintendents Forum was a virtual gathering on September 20-22 for superintendents with shared targets and challenges nationally. The forum focused on how superintendents are leveraging technologies, impacting school culture and embracing change.

Our team partnered up with superintendents based on their priorities and needs (such as improving school culture and climate) this allowed for a more targeted approach to the discussions. District leaders shared their honest feedback, addressed critical challenges and industry best practices and models of excellence. Every conversation allowed us to gain an insight into their strategies and vision for their school community. These conversations also allowed us to understand their background, the issues within their districts and feedback on our own product. Issues relating to COVID-19 practices and schools reopening policies were also mentioned and how Pulse can link in with this; with features such as the Survey Builder.

These events are crucial for us to engage with district leaders and encourage interactive discussions that allow us to take on feedback and act on this to deliver the best solutions for schools and districts.

Thank you to all the organizers and attendees at these events.

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